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What’s it Like to Live in Penrose, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  In days past, trying to find a new home to move to took up a lot of time. However, while this can still be true for today it is also now a bit easier thanks to the advancements in technology. Moreover, by searching for homes online you can get a generalized idea of the type of home that best suits your needs and preferences. Along with this comes a Penrose agent who has a thorough knowledge of the desired area in terms of what it’s like to live there, what types of schools are available, and the various activities that can be enjoyed.

Penrose CO Real Estate

What’s it like to live in Penrose?

It is like living in a peaceful yet scenic area where family time takes precedence. Even though there are not a whole lot of kids that live in the community, there are a plethora of various family-style activities that can be enjoyed. Another great aspect to living in Penrose is that this small community of Colorado is not known for tourism even though outsiders will stop by while traveling to other destinations. Finally, this community is one where office jobs are a common type of employment for the everyday citizen and with many offices in the area, there is always work available. Overall, Penrose is a delightful place to live and work.


What types of homes are in Penrose?

Although the real estate market is in a seemingly continual state of fluctuation, the Penrose community is home to a wide variety of different architectural styled homes. The typical home here is built at a height of no more than two stories tall and includes some modernistic features that will keep you up-to-date with all the new home technologies most commonly available. From a fully loaded kitchen that comes complete with granite countertops and the best appliance package, to the wide open yard and built-in patios at both ends of the house. Furthermore, other common features of the typical Penrose home are the close-knit neighborhood that is built around a gorgeous mountain view and is delightful year round. Finally, although these homes are built close together, they are quite spacious.

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What’s unique about Penrose?

Other than the fact that the Penrose community is one that is currently made up of an approximated population of around 4,000 people, there is very little that makes this community unique from those that surround it. However, among all these various activities and common businesses lie two things: a beautiful scenery and the world’s biggest rocking chair. While the natural scenery is found in the forms of snowy mountains and various wildlife the world’s largest rocking chair stands tall above the roads having the common spectator look up at the zenith of its structure. As a result, not only can this massive structure be seen from an up-close vantage point, but it can also be seen by the troves of travelers that gaze in awestruck wonder as they travel along Highway 15.


Where are the good schools in Penrose?

Like many of the educational systems built up in bigger communities, Penrose education is no different. Although there are junior high schools and other grade schools that are combined with elementary schools, Penrose students get a fairly good education. Here are some of the best in the area:


Penrose CO Things to Do

What are the best things to do in Penrose?

Due to the beautiful scenery that Penrose has to offer, one is easily persuaded to have the tendency to be more of an outdoors person. While this can also be true for those who are not the outdoor type, there is an abundance of activities to choose from. For those who enjoy getting in touch with nature, many of the outdoor activities include things such as walking along one of the many trails in the Penrose area, hunting various game, or when all else fails, going fishing at one of the local fishing spots. Moreover, there are other forms of activities that can be enjoyed and are typically geared towards those who are more adventurous. Some seasonal activities include skiing, hiking, and even sky diving. Finally, if any of the previously stated activities are not your preferred cup of tea, then family oriented activities could be the right choice for you. Penrose not only has many of the traditional shopping outlets and malls that are common to the bigger cities and communities, but it also has a farmer’s market that has a ton of booths and various goods.


Is Penrose right for me?

While the case for choosing to call Penrose home might be because of the quiet peaceful serenity that one gets from such an atmosphere, the same can also be called for those who are want to enjoy the surrounding nature without staying at home and sitting on the couch. Penrose is definitely the right place to be for an abundant and varying sorts of outdoor activities that are perfect for anyone. With the entire family in mind, activities range from hiking and walking nature trails to sky diving and shopping at any given mall or shop. In the end, Penrose is the perfect place to enjoy an alluring view.


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