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What’s it Like to Live in Palmer Lake, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Moving can be difficult – relocating even more so. This is why we have gathered as much information as possible about various cities. We hope what you will learn here will either help you make the decision to relocate or that it will make your move go a little more flawlessly. You’ve got questions and our real estate agents have the answers.

Palmer Lake Reservoir
By Ben Simo

What’s it like to live in Palmer Lake?

First of all, Palmer Lake is a mountain town, so you can expect the people there to be outdoor-centric. It also lies in the “Tri Lakes” area, which is between Denver and Colorado Springs. So, while you can still enjoy the small town living, you’ll also have easy access to the bigger cities. I think that Palmer Lake is a great place to raise a family and the low population (less than 2800) not only gives it a greater community feel, but it also keeps crime statistics down so you and your family will feel safe in your new hometown.


What types of homes are in Palmer Lake?

As a mountain town, Palmer Lake does have its share of rambling, wooden homes that contribute to the picturesque look of the town. However, that doesn’t mean that more modern houses are not available. The real estate market in this town is exceptionally varied and offers something for everyone, from apartments to condos and town houses all the way up to the million dollar mansions.

One remarkable thing about Palmer Lake is the view. From almost any point in town you can see majestic mountain peaks right out of your windows – so close you could almost touch them.

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What’s unique about Palmer Lake?

As I’ve mentioned before, Palmer Lake is in the Tri Lakes region of Colorado. This lends itself to all types of water sports and plenty of fishing, swimming, and boating in the summer. In the winter, when the snows come, Palmer Lake is like a living, breathing Winter Wonderland. The view in the valley is gorgeous but the views of the mountains are spectacular. Also, think about the skiing, sledding and driving around in snow mobiles that you and your family can enjoy come wintertime. Northward are the Greenland Open Space Preserve and Pike National Forest, so there are plenty of outdoor activities to be had.

One local attraction is the Star of Bethlehem which is built into the side of Sundance Mountain. At nearly 500 feet wide, the star is lighted for the entire month of December and draws visitors just for the spectacle. The Star of Palmer Lake has been listed as a historic site by the History Colorado organization.

There are also two local festivals: Winterfest when the lake and other local waterways are frozen features ice skating and the local Fish Derby each summer is a great way to chill with your neighbors while fishing, bragging about the one that got away.


Where are the good schools in Palmer Lake?

Palmer Lake’s schools are not only efficient, but they are also highly rated by parents and the community. The local high school has a good graduation rate and national test scores for school district P38 are well above average throughout the school system.

Though there are no colleges in town, there are several in the area, including University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the United States Air Force Academy, also at Colorado Springs.


Yosemite Hiking
By Christian Arballo

What are the best things to do in Palmer Lake?

There are tons of outdoor things to do in the Palmer Lake area. Hunting, fishing, camping and hiking are all at the top of the list and most of them won’t cost you a dime! There are also some fantastic restaurants in town – all of them locally owned – that run the gamut from diner style to fine dining. A quick trip to Monument and you’ll find most of the restaurant chains you’re craving as well as movie theaters and tons of cool things to do. You’ll still have access to the things you like about the city but you’ll be able to live among some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and still have that small town feel.


Is Palmer Lake right for me?

I believe that Palmer Lake is a great place to raise a family without subjecting them to the hustle and bustle of the city, with some of the best schools in the state. Even singles and couples without kids will be able to find a place here and will fit in with the local crowd easily. If you’re longing for the simple life yet still want access to the amenities you’re used to, then this is the town for you.


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