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What’s it Like to Live in Fountain Valley in Fountain, CO?

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By Alison Christine

What’s it like to live in Fountain Valley?

Fountain Valley represents country living at its finest. The people here prefer to live a simple life that stays true to nature, whether they are gardening or tending to their ranch. It’s a picturesque town with long stretches of rolling hills and picture perfect views of the mountains just in the distance. What really helps to make Fountain Valley such a special place is its tranquil atmosphere and small town charm. The town lies just at the base of Pikes Peak and it’s the perfect place for those looking to escape the city lifestyle. When you’re here, you’ll feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds since you’ll be able to maintain your privacy without having to sacrifice the urban amenities you’re accustomed to.


What types of homes are in Fountain Valley?

Fountain Valley has a great selection of single family homes that are not only attractive and roomy, but affordable as well. Many are situated on over-sized lots with manicured lawns and the houses commonly include two car garages and other favorable features. The homes in Fountain Valley come equipped with all of the modern amenities you’re after, like new appliances, finished basements and vinyl windows. You’ll also find wood burning stoves, French decks and other special touches that have been added to enhance the homes character.

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What’s unique about Fountain Valley?

The community in Fountain Valley is what really makes the town such a unique place to live. They strive to incorporate everything you could possibly need, from restaurants to shopping outlets, without ever overcrowding the town or sacrificing the natural beauty of the land. Another aspect that makes it unique is its prime location. It’s really convenient when you have to travel since it’s just a short drive to the nearby city but once you get home you’ll suddenly feel like your light years away from it all.


Where are the good schools in Fountain Valley?

The schools in Fountain Valley are great and you can be sure that your child will receive an excellent education here. They promote an active and healthy lifestyle to their students as well by offering them plenty of recreational and after school activities.


Pikes Peak through the Garden of the Gods Gateway - Fall 2012
By Dave Soldano

What are the best things to do in Fountain Valley?

There’s always something fun for you to do in or around Fountain Valley. If you’re new to the region I highly encourage you to start by exploring the great outdoors. You will definitely want to plan a visit to the Garden of the Gods. It’s home to some of the most magnificent red rock formations in the entire country and it’s one of the most breathtaking places you could ever visit. The park is open to the public, free of charge, and hikers and bicyclists are both welcome on the park’s nature trails. You can also catch a highly informative nature presentation during the day if you stop by the visitor’s center.

If you’re more of an art enthusiast, you’ll want to visit the nearby town of Manitou Springs. It’s a thriving and creative community that’s drawn in artists and craftsmen ever since the mid-1800’s and it’s home to dozens of art galleries and eclectic boutiques. You can watch local artists in action or you can check out some awesome displays that showcase their artwork and the various mediums they use like glass, paint, pottery and wood.


Where are the best places to shop around Fountain Valley?

The markets at Mesa Rich have a great selection of shops and diners. I highly recommend the Bird Dog BBQ if you’re looking for an authentic place to eat. Their menu offers a great selection of classic BBQ dishes including pork pulled sandwiches, beef ribs, and mouthwatering steaks. There are also five different shopping centers located within Fountain Valley and Fountain, Colorado. Whether you’re shopping for a new outfit or you just need to pay your phone bill, you’ll find everything you need at the centers.


Is Fountain Valley right for me?

I’d say that Fountain Valley is perfect for the free spirited person that’s really looking to get the most out of life. The town is spacious and it has a low key atmosphere so you’ll never feel rushed or cramped like you would in a bigger city. Fountain Valley will help you escape the mundane by bringing you closer to nature and all of its beauty. You’ll gain a better understanding of what truly makes you happy when you’re here and you’ll quickly adopt a more simplistic lifestyle that will bring you the peace of mind you’re searching for.


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