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What’s it Like to Live in Elbert, CO?

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By Ben Pettis

What’s it like to live in Elbert?

Elbert is a small town filled with generous people and beautiful land. Though it’s a small place, the citizens of Elbert are always doing something fun to engage with others! The Elbert Woman’s Club gives women a place to come together for charity as they often hold events. Events like the Elizabeth Celtic Festival and the Annual Town Garage Sale bring people together from all over the area. The large grassy prairies give you a place for the entire family to picnic and just sit back enjoying life.

Why are people so close? A huge flood in 1935 swept away much of the town so generation after generation has worked hard to restore the land. This special bond brings citizens together every today. There’s always a community gathering and a hug is around every corner.


What types of homes are in Elbert?

There are many different kinds of homes in Elbert. The greatest thing is that most homes can be found on large amounts of land. Most people love to take advantage of the large prairies and big sky. Brick, stucco, rock and wood, all different types of homes are available. If you love homes on a few acres of land where you can watch the sunset each night, you can for sure find your place in Elbert.

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What’s unique about Elbert?

Elbert is full of history and excitement. In 1874, the city was named after Colorado territorial governor, Samuel Hitt Elbert. It was a busy place welcoming many new settlers as it grew. The famous flood threatened its livelihood, but the people didn’t slow down. It took many years, but the flood that made it famous is now simply water under the bridge. Elbert is unique because it has roots that have never stopped growing. The people are full of heart and the town keeps going no matter what.


Where are the good schools in Elbert?

The small towns in this area offer great schools with the feel of family.


Mt. Elbert, Colorado - Group
By Chris Baker

What are the best things to do in Elbert?

You’ll never get bored in Elbert! There are many bazaars and fairs held throughout the year. There is even an “Elbert Day” to join everyone together for fun and food. It’s a small town with a big heart full of fun! During the summer months the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch near Elbert hosts the Boy Scouts. If you want to get out of town and go on an adventure, Castlewood Canyon State Park is only a few miles away.


Is Elbert right for me?

Elbert is the perfect town for all ages and all types of people. It’s quiet, yet buzzing with things to do. You can sit on your porch drinking in the deep blue skies or you can run around town shopping or you can enjoy an adventure. If you want to feel like you are part of not only a community, but a large family, Elbert is the place for you! Not many towns hold entire town garage sales attracting people from all over the area! The community often gets together for luncheons and festivals. You ride down the straight seeing familiar faces and big waves of hello each day. You’re only hours away from ski resorts and huge cities. Elbert offers you a hug each day as you sit back enjoying its bright sunrises and gorgeous land.


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