What’s it Like to Live in Woodland Park, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Are you looking to relocate to Colorado? Want to know more about the incredible towns and communities that make Colorado one of the most prosperous and thriving states in the country? We’ve created a library’s worth of city guides that will give you all the details you need to find your new home. Looking for a family-friendly community to raise the kids? Want to find a thriving town to start a business or grow your career? There’s definitely a place for you in Colorado. Read on to learn all about what makes the mountain community of Woodland Park a perfect place to live.

By Uckrist
By Uckrist

What’s it like to live in Woodland Park?

Visiting Woodland Park as tourists routinely inspires families to relocate to this remarkable and flourishing mountain town. Given the nickname “City Above the Clouds” by its residents, you’ll adore the puffy white clouds and cerulean blue skies that dance above you as you take a seat at one of the idyllic parks that dot the town’s neighborhoods. Towering evergreens, old fashioned wooden fences, and inviting families welcome you with a wave and a hello when you arrive.

A pleasant downtown area that looks as if it just stepped out of a story about the frontier’s Wild West sits surrounded by the adventure and thrill of a beautiful valley in the Rocky Mountains. Woodland Park celebrates its roots as an early resort town in Colorado’s vibrant history while providing residents with a unique charm that transforms this vacation treasure into a remarkable place to live, settle down, or raise a family.


What types of homes are in Woodland Park?

Woodland Park features homes of every shape, size, and age that aren’t reined in by a specific architectural style. Spacious condos with incredible views, as well as classic log cabins on giant lots, mingle together in the town’s varied residential areas. Truly palatial homes that reach a commanding 10,000 square feet sit scattered along the outer edges of Woodland Park’s valley. Modest homes with front porches and welcoming grassy lawns inspire summertime fetch sessions with the family dog.

The neighborhoods of Woodland Park often feature peaceful, wide streets and an interesting mix of tidy landscaping and the wild foliage that might remind you of a remote mountain meadow. You’d think that the community’s picturesque location would negate the need for little parks and peaceful ponds, but the neighborhoods of Woodland Park certainly live up to the community’s name with the town’s lovely fountains, gazebos, and picnicking areas. You can look across the street for a park that’s just a few steps away, or gaze up toward the mountain peaks that surround the town for visual inspiration.

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What’s unique about Woodland Park?

One of the most fascinating features of Woodland Park is its location and how its gorgeous geography influences the weather. The mountains that surround Woodland Park offer spectacular views and also protect the community from Colorado’s wildest weather swings.

It’s just a quick 30 minute drive to nearby Colorado Springs, but the summers in Woodland Park feel much milder than those at lower elevations (Woodland Park is around 8,500 feet in elevation). Clear summer days with a warm, glowing sun give way to brisk, cool summer nights.

Although the town has its share of rain and snowy days, the city’s official website boasts that the town gets more than 300 days of sunshine every year. That’s comparable to sunny southern locales like Los Angeles and is about 50 days more a year than Miami!


Where are the good schools in Woodland Park?

The small community atmosphere of Woodland Park influences the design of its schools where students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, competitions, and athletic teams. The district boasts that around 700 students a year participate in school activities and athletics. Students also boast excellent performance in sports as the district recently had state qualifiers in track & field, wrestling, and cross country events.


By Uckrist
By Uckrist

What are the best things to do in Woodland Park?

The status of Woodland Park as a tourist destination and starting point for activities at attractions like Pikes Peak, as well as the beautifully sunny weather, ensure that couples and families that live in Woodland Park spend lots of time outside. Colorado is already one of the healthiest states in the nation, and the residents of Woodland Park personify that commitment to healthy, outdoor activities with recreational opportunities and stunning mountain visuals.

In addition to the outdoor activities available right on the front doorsteps of residents, it’s also a quick drive to lower elevations like Colorado Springs. You can get your fill of that little metropolis and all of the activities afforded residents of a big city with just a half hour drive in the car. Woodland Park is the perfect combination of a cozy, rural community within a stone’s throw of a bustling metropolitan area.


Is Woodland Park right for me?

By now you know that Woodland Park features one of the most dazzling horizons in all of Colorado, but the town’s remarkable vistas aren’t the only reason to love this friendly western town. A family-friendly atmosphere combined with the town’s love of outdoor adventure creates an infinitely memorable residential experience.


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