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As a real estate professional since 2003, I love connecting with my clients to fully understand their individual needs. My comprehensive area expertise, targeted marketing programs, confidence with challenging contracts and superb negotiation skills assist my buyers and sellers in achieving their homeownership goals.

As both a buyer's agent and listing agent, I bring my area knowledge to my clients. My real estate services include Monument, Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Fountain, Green Mountain Falls and Woodland Park, with specific neighborhood expertise in Monument's Woodmoor neighborhood in the Tri-Lakes area.

I was born in Detroit, Mich.; and at the age of two, moved to Chicago. My family then relocated to Monument, Colo. when I was 13, and we have been living here ever since.

When I moved to this town on the Rampart Range, I had never been on a dirt road! Growing up in the mountains was a blast - I started riding dirt bikes, fishing, shooting, hiking, camping and snowboarding.
I still take pleasure in all of these activities and spend time outside as much as possible. I absolutely love Colorado and to this day am mesmerized by the beauty this state has to offer.

In my free time, I also lift weights, golf and spend time with friends and family. My beautiful daughter, Kaylee, just turned 8 years old; and the majority of my time is spent with her. She is a very active little girl and enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. When I'm not working or at the gym lifting, I'm with my girl.

I'm very close with my family. I have an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister. They and their families all live here in town, and we get together with my parents once a week for dinner.

How did I get started in real estate?

After high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I went to work for my dad. He owned a business at that time. During those two years, I had saved a bit of money and decided to invest. Real estate presented a great opportunity, so I started learning all I could about it - reading books, researching online and delving into the field as much as possible. And at the age of 20, I took the leap into the industry, earned my license two months later and have never looked back!

Since I began to buy and sell real estate in 2003, I have found that every client, contract and fellow broker are different from one another, and all present different challenges and solutions. I relish in the demands of the real estate industry and the uniqueness of every transaction and situation.

My absolute favorite part of my profession is the relationships that I form with my clients; and I am honored to have met so many different people throughout my years in real estate.

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1305 Ambergate Ct. Monument, CO 80132

617 N. 31st St. Colorado Springs, CO 80904

10199 E. Peakview Ave. Englewood, CO 80111

5649 Pioneer Mesa Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80923

10945 Surrey Lane Peyton, CO 80831

2483 Lafayette Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

7439 Willow Pines Pl. Fountain, CO 80817

6557 Alliance Loop Colorado Springs, CO 80925

286 Luxury Lane Colorado Springs, CO 80921

6726 Palace Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918

4124 Brush Creek Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80916

5111 Vienna Way Colorado Springs, CO 80920

5390 Piedra Vista Colorado Springs, CO 80908

76 S. Lindsey St. Castle Rock, CO 80104

2778 Brooksedge View Colorado Springs, CO 80910

5830 Grapevine Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80923

5298 Bradley Cir. Colorado Springs, CO 80911

15160 Chelmsford St. Colorado Springs, CO 80921

1661 Deer Creek Rd. Monument, CO 80132

6823 Mountain Top Lane Colorado Springs, CO 80919

5404 Mule Deer Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

6473 Sonny Blue Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80923

2302 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918

15245 Jessie Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80921

620 Prestonwood Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

19635 Falcon Crest Ct Monument, CO 80132

3755 Hartsock Lane #308 Colorado Springs, CO 80917

10945 Hat Creek Place Colorado Springs, CO 80908

6135 Pemberton Way Colorado Springs, CO 80919

903 Tampico Ct. Colorado Springs, CO 80910

6655 Country Estates Lane Colorado Springs, CO 80908

1986 Wagon Gap Trail Monument, CO 80132

1370 Meadowlake Monument, CO 80132

809 Pebblewood Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919

16637 Elk Valley Monument, CO 80132

7030 Nettlewood Pl Colorado Springs, CO 80918

5437 Mule Deer Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80919

7614 Sandy Springs Pt Colorado Springs, CO 80817

6068 Doral Court Larkspur, CO 80118

1050 E Highway 105 Monument, CO 80132

1050 E Highway 105 Monument, CO 80132

20210 Phoebe Grove Colorado Springs, CO 80908

715 Woodmoor Acres Drive Monument, CO 80132

9084 Shipman Lane Colorado Springs, CO 80908

2430 Wheaton Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80904

13115 Lariat Circle Elbert, CO 80106

7110 Lucky 4 Road Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

1058 Acapulco Court Colorado Springs, CO 80910

3010 W Springlake Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80906

17036 Blue Mist Grove Monument, CO 80132

4218 Ascendant Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80922

3713 Windflower Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80918

24073 E Florida Ave Aurora, CO 80818

17715 Clydesdale Road Colorado Springs, CO 80908

15120 Tanner Trail Elbert, CO 80106

6375 Delmonico Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80919

5830 grapevine Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80923

2419 Bott Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80904

1134 Yellow Dogwood Hts Monument, CO 80132

17247 Hulls Way Monument, CO 80132

3641 Indianpipe Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80918

1662 Deer Creek Road Monument, CO 80132

8651 Massey Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80920

1291 Meadowlake Way Monument, CO 80132

1855 Bonita Drive Fountain, CO 80817

14197 Albatross Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80921

17370 Lamplight Drive Monument, CO 80132

18835 Augusta Drive Monument, CO 80132

14637 Allegiance Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80921

7870 Belford Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80920

7244 White Buffalo Road Colorado Springs, CO 80919

6489 Cool Mountain Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80923

645 Rembrandt Court Colorado Springs, CO 80921

6382 Pulpit Rock Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918

5226 Andes St Denver, CO 80249

8134 Postrock Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80951

7705 Brule Road Colorado Springs, CO 80908

6726 Palace Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918

3235 Spaatz Road Monument, CO 80132

6179 Great Plains Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80923

7735 Julynn Road Colorado Springs, CO 80919

5001 Buttercup Drive Castle Rock, CO 80109

214 Mitchell Ave Monument, CO 80132

17780 Canterbury Drive Monument, CO 80132

17780 Canterbury Drive Monument, CO 80132

214 Mitchell Ave Monument, CO 80132

12610 N Condor Rd Peyton, CO 80831

863 Deschutes Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80921

608 San Clemente Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80906

8417 Tibbs Road Peyton, CO 80831

2318 LOCKHAVEN Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80909

15574 Lacuna Drive Monument, CO 80132

5925 Topview Court Colorado Springs, CO 80918

18005 Blacksmith Road Peyton, CO 80831

5114 Artistic Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80917

1066 Fontmore Rd #C Colorado Springs, CO 80904

1066 Fontmore Rd #C Colorado Springs, CO 80904

3740 Summer Breeze Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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